Here we discuss how to upgrade software of  strong digital receiver with Usb Method. The first is on the way to upgrade your digital receiver with USB flash drive.The way to upgrade software Of strong digital receiver with usb method.
Software Requirements
1. Strong digital receiver
2. Usb flash drive
3. Download original (SW) software for Strong digital receiver below
4. Make sure you have a secure electrical power supply or offer or beta nevertheless make use of a producing set or you might If their is a power failure, your digital deceive will be dead.

Software Method :-
a-first of all download software and put into the flash drive.
b-Then press the Menu button of your digital receiver, choose the folder where  software and then press ok.

Question About Digital Receiver

Message appearsa “No Signal” or “Bad Signal” 
Some time the message show  “No Signal” or “Bad Signal” it means that no sign or a poor signal is being obtained. Please be aware that this could be typical below bad climate conditions (heavy rainfall or snow). If this is not the case, please press the MENU key on the remote control handset and check the ‘Signal Quality’. Check the antenna condition and the connection between the satellite dish and the receiver if there’s no signal graphic bar. Make certain you have selected the correct satellite within the Food selection. Please check the parameters settings via the Installation Menu if the bar is present.

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