Due to the appearance of network share technology, DM machine is also popular in the TVRO area. Many people want to own a DM to share the excitement of programs. Dreambox DM500 is really a recommendable one. The setup of Dreambox 500 is well thought-out to be the minimum digital which is based on Linux Set-Top Box receiver with card sharing facility. If you know how to master it, it will be affectionate to let you wander in the sea of digital satellite; if you do not comprehend it, it may be a runaway horse that will not able to manage. So you had better make a good understanding about this device before buying it.

How To Setup Dreambox DM500

You must choose the type of Dreambox 500 that you are going to use; will it be the satellite version or the cable version. For your Dreambox 500 to work, all you have to do is to simply plug into your TV via the scart, then plug your cable into the back of the box and switch on the power. After this you can get to enjoy the features provided by Dreambox 500. It includes recording, pause and playing the content of live TV and radio. Checking your personal mails, remote administration and network streaming are also some of the additional features offered by Dreambox 500.

For using your Dreambox 500 will be the installation process. The installation process for this third generation based technology should be performed by the expert. The setting up procedure might look simple, but if you have any new troubles, it might make difficult the whole situation. The best idea would be to get an expert assistance for this task.

After the installation of Dreambox 500 is over, then after that step would be to select the program of your pick and run the automatic scanning. There you will also find options for interactive services which will be entertaining as well as informative. After the scanning is over, the channels of your choice are classified and simplified for your screening occurrence. It also has the option of fast channel changing with good EPG support. It can also be through the Ethernet of your computer with the help of right software.

Dreambox 500 also has certain disadvantages like for example, the Dreambox 500 cannot support infinite amount of CPU and RAM resources but, this difficulty can be easily remedied with the help of external elements like the hard drives, USB ports etc. You also have the facilities like Vap11G Wi-Fi Bridge Dongle which helps you to connect your Dreambox 500 to any wireless network.

And one of the main advantages of dreambox DM five hundred is that it realizes the decryption online sharing, that is to say, only need a genuine card, you can deliver your programs to many users by internet, to make multi-users using one sharing card at mean time come true. That is wholly reduced the costs of watch encryption programs. So now you have a complete guide and setup of this dreambox 500 and the other important thing is that there are more than 120 wonderful programs provided to you. You can easily select what you want. The exceptional sound quality and picture quality are yet another good feature of this box.

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