Are you fed on top of the concealed capabilities along with the bothersome interface of iTunes 11? . As i am i loathe every thing concerning the new iTunes 11. but unfortunately for me personally i have effectively improved my iTunes 1o. for the new iTunes 11. However unlike most other programs, i couldnt simply uninstall my iTune 11 and install my favorite iTunes 10. when i did this, i got and error .library.dll was created by a newer version of iTunes and it simply means my iTunes becomes inoperable. i later found a way out which i will share with you in here.

How To iTunes 11 Download To iTunes 10

First of all u download iTunes 10 for window 64 bit or 32bit , then Uninstall iTunes 11.Then install iTunes 10 which you have downloaded.Once you attempt to available iTunes 10 you will definitely get the problem stated previously and this is how you are going to sidestep the error.


1_After installing iTunes, once you launch your iTunes 10 you will see the following errors The file iTunes should not be read through mainly because it was made from a newer model of iTunes (this means you may not be able to operate iTunes 10 up until you follow my methods.

2-Navigate to computers>>local Disc (C:)>>Users>>your username>>My Music>>iTunes>>


The iTunes directory maybe secret by default for the majority of customers so goto perspective / click and layout change search and folders possibilities then check the check out box present secret files, folders and drives then utilize.

3- Now go back to that you were prior to and you will discover the iTunes folder and delete just the iTunes now wide open Past iTunes local library the last submit within this directory can be your iTunes local library for iTunes 10.e.g mine is iTunes Library 2013-03-01. it just version this in the iTunes to the iTunes file and rename it to iTunes That may be all you can now enjoy and launch your iTune 10 with problem cost-free.

How To iTunes 11 Download To iTunes 10

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