Tuesday , 26 September 2017

Top Five Winning Teams For FIFA World Cup 2014

The countdown has begun for FIFA world cup and everyone is setting their luggage to visit Brazil. As all the preparations are almost done in the stadiums of Brazil also known as the paradise for football at the same time the hysteric is increasing in all the football lovers. In August 20th 2013, 2.3 million tickets were requested out of 3.3 million tickets when the sale for FIFA world cup was opened. The 12 venues are already decided to host in all over then Brazil. Six games will be hosted by Salvador which is the capital of Bahia, state of  Brazil.

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Now let’s talk about the five potential teams who could grab this world cup and take a look at the defending champion Spain who is a continuous winner of each and everything in the past.


This team brought the biggest appointments in the past, although England team is rated as one of the strongest team in the world just because of the quality players in it. Having the likes of Ferdinand, Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Beckham and many other famous players, England have failed to attain anything out of such a tremendously brilliant team.But this time young players like Wilshere and Caroll have joined, which might turn the tables this time for England.


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This team seems tough enough to defeat, the only thing they know at present is to win and they are doing it on daily basis over and over. They won the Euro Cup, then the World Cup and then the U-21 European Championship which is a great thing for Spain.



Five time winner world champion Brazil is looking for the 6th world cup glory to take home when they will host the 2014 world cup just because having the benefit that this time this event is going to be happening in their own country. The Brazilian team does not need any other plus point as this to win anything major.Brazil should surely make it to the last four in the competition and it would be veryfrustration if the Brazilians disqualify to at least make it to the Semi-Finals stage. On the other hand with millions of Brazil hearts cheering for them, the Brazilians seem to be the most unsafezone this time around. With Upcoming future like Neymar and Pato, Brazil look more composed and would confidently see themselves in the last stages of the match.



This nation is havingLionel Messi and Carlos Tevez too, the two known to be the most best and dangerous players in the world of football. With the presence of Messi and Tevez in the team, nobodycan never blame and curse the Argentinians. They must certainly see themselves in the last four with Messi and Tevez looking in fine touch with a much stablesquad than earlier.



The German players are always on the side to watch out for and with the likes of Muller and Ozil and getting a lot of capabilities and experience with the existing captain, even though stating the favorites for the coming World Cup. This team can surely make a good stand in FIFA world cup 2014 as the competition is utterly strong among all the teams so let the best team win.

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