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Tips To Upgrade Windows 8.1 And Install Apps

Tips To Upgrade Windows 8.1

The most awaited version of Microsoft Windows is launched couple of months back and every technology is ready to upgrade or install it to improve the performance and to experience new modifications which have been made in Windows 8.1 by the company Microsoft. Everyone was quite anxious to see its new features and tweaks that make it better operating system. This version is also optimized for the mobile technologies like Surface Tablet. If you are willing to shift your Windows to Windows 8.1 then you need to follow the simple to and steps in order to attain this version in your desktop PC, laptops or in ultra books.

Tips To Upgrade Windows 8.1 And Install Apps (2)

First of all you need to boot your system in the desktop mode and check mark against the option when I sign in otherwise you can close all the apps on a screen and go to the desktop rather to the Start button.
If you are having problem with the apps view and Start button then you can check mark against that will show your desktop background on start.

On the other side if you are willing that your windows start button to function like traditional start menu then select show the applications view automatically in order to go to start. Selecting this option will help you save time in working with the Start menu but also save keep you away from the irritation of releasing sub menus for Apps view list. With this step you will be easily capable to start on many apps without digging in the sub menu.

win 8 menu y

There are many people who are still looking for the shortcuts provided in the old Start menu they can opt for a third party app like Start 8. This will assist you to generate shortcuts to your Documents folder and to Control Panel.
With the help of default option of Search everywhere is enabled in your Apps view, this obtains you all types of results. For getting your search-focused keyword exact, you must deselect the option. Now at whatever time you are looking for an app you will not get unclear results that are related to non-app links.

You can check the option of list desktop apps first if you want to have more desktop space. This will make a category listing of applications and arranges them out in view of that.
By disabling the option of Web-prediction you can change your privacy related to browsing and the history then you need to change settings. With this method your tracking history will not be saved and you can browse in privacy. By making an associated setting that comes in the early set up stage your history of Internet Explorer will not be saved anywhere.
Now you are ready to use your brand new version i.e. Windows 8.1 and your system will perform much better and will give you a lifetime experience whenever you operate this type or operating system. Windows 8.1 is all bug free and with the a facility of Store you can have more information and the information of all your apps.

Tips To Install Windows 8 Apps

windows 8 is quite preferred in community because of its speedy efficiency.window,s 8 usersr consider it a little bit tough but it is so easy steps to put in apps  on window 8 .

On ”Start” Button for this move the cursor on bottom left corner and click on it.tiles menu like given below will b appear.

Tips To Upgrade Windows 8.1 And Install Apps

On menu of tiles u will b click on ”Store Menu”.

U will b find many apps in many kinds of categories , u will go to ant  category and install the apps which u wants to install.

Click on Install button to start installation .

When installation end on upper right corner a button will b appear as ”Status installation ” click on this button and get information .

Now u will be able to use ”Start ” button to use apps .

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