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The Benefits Of Windows 8 And Its Product Keys

Windows 8  Benefits

Thanks to Microsoft for its major inventions and contributions that it has transformed from DOS (DISC Operating System) to WOS (Windows Operating System). The evolution of Windows 8 went through regular jumps of graphical user Interface (GUI) improvement, functionality and usability improvements as well as a variety of software applications to bring more powerful personal computing in the hands of people. Microsoft is working hard on daily basis to launch new versions of their operating systems eventually like Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8.

window 8
Tech savvy and all the developers are highly inspired with the release of several versions of this operating system and are comparing it with the previous versions. As a computer enthusiast and in greatest interest you can read the following benefits of Windows 8.
With the metro style graphical user interface you will be able to see the nee start menu which is totally different and has replaced and inspired from windows phones and you will experience entirely modified home screen. In this home screen you can have complete access to documents, music, pictures, videos, shortcuts and apps and information characterized by modified panels which are tiled up and down and parallel. With this ease you will free to use from background accessories, panels, background images, user profiles and color themes.

There are many built in apps in it for example Bing which consists on travel, sports, maps finance, weather and you can connect you all social network websites and also connect your Skype account with your outlook address. The best part of windows eight is that its own store from where you can download unlimited free and paid apps into your system.

If you are willing to see more about it then there are other built in particular tabs and swipes and they all shows the functional feature of the operating system. In ultra books Microsoft has introduced touch screen feature in it so that rather to click with mouse you can touch with your fingers and make your work more easy and done quickly. At the right side of home screen facilitate you with charms and left side facilitate you with wit multitasking options other than this the top and bottom offers commands specific to the apps you are running in your system. There are some other touches gestures radically alter the web browsing for instance e-mail multimedia playback and so on.

Microsoft has also launched its very own version of tablet known as ‘’Surface’’ which has all the features of windows 8 which is competing with Android and iOS. Other companies are now adding Windows 8 operating on their personal computers and in other gadgets like tablets and two in one laptops. These days Microsoft is busy in producing a collection of Windows ready hardware. The lodge and the shape series of mobile keyboards and touch mouse are pretty attractive to use. With windows 8 you can enjoy everything regarding tech and can perform your various tasks in a different way now.

Windows 8 Product Keys

Here some update serial keys of windows 8 and windows 8.1 product keys working fine.

Serial Keys For Window 8








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