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PTV Channels Daily Update Biss Key On Paksat IR at 38°E

PTV Channels New Biss Key

PTV channels daily update new Biss Key (biss code) or ptv sports biss key on Paksat IR at 38°E, It’s a common known fact that cricket is one of the game which is played commonly in the all over the world its popularity is not hidden from over last couple of decades. During the match of Pakistan and India people in these countries becomes extremely crazy and emotional about the both teams and leave every other work and sit back to enjoy and pray to win the team they supports. But there are some areas like villages and other areas where the availability of cable TV is none or if they have then they don’t get signals or if they get, then in a very poor condition.

Ptv Sports New Biss Key,Code Daily Updates

Internet is a great medium of connecting people from all over the world even you can know what is happening in the space. For best and fast streaming for a cricket match you need a biss key. In Pakistan only two sports channels are working to show live cricket matches PTV, GEO Super, Geo Me . PTV signals needs biss keys for encryptions and show the matches on a terrestrial network. On the other side GEO Super are given the complete rights to telecast the matches from across the world in Pakistan. So in this case no channel is prior to transmit the live cricket matches in Pakistan.

Ptv Sports Biss key

PTV sports have to change its biss key during the main cricket matches but when they are changed the keys are given to the specific networks of PTV due to some reasons. Now, if you don’t know where to get these keys then you can turn on your PC and start searching PTV Sports new update biss key and it will open up a list of keys that will surely help you to watch your favorite matches. These are for those who are fond of cricket. They are leaked on internet after telling the networks of PTV concerned links so that all those crazy lovers of cricket can enjoy watching cricket match live with their friends along with the snacks and hooting.

We have added ptv sports latest biss key so you can enjoy every single scene in very clear sound and image quality on your computer or in your smartphone.  This is an ideal treat for those who are living in far areas and have no facility of TV or for those guys who are living in hostel with no accessibility TV in their compartments they can just take a full benefit of using biss key. You can also share your keys if the below mentioned keys are modified or we have not updated for some other reason. PTV sports and other channels of PTV are moved to new satellite Paksat 38° east.

Most of the time it is rather tough to set the direction due to the changing weather in this situation if you can’t set the direction of your dish towards Paksat then the picture given below will help you in a very simple way. In order to follow the frequency details mentioned below and direct your dish toward Paksat will provide you PTV Sports signals properly.Details which are given below to watch PTV Sports on Paksat 38° east.

PTV channels Biss Key 27/02/2015





Biss : 51 32 13 00 9A DD EC 00

For New Key Cick Here


BISS :00 00 00 00 00 07 86 8D


BISS :07 86 66 F3 22 91 10 C3


PROVIDER:000b & 0011
BISS :10 6C F9 75 BC 5B 4F 66

GEO Super New Biss Key

Chanenl : Geo Super

Frequence : 4105 V 2300

Satellite                : PAKSAT 1R 38 E

CAID : 2600
Provider : 000B
Video Pid : 006F

Biss Key : 10 6C F9 75 BC 5B 4F 66

PTV Channels Daily Update Biss Key On Paksat IR at 38°E

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