Tuesday , 26 September 2017

Models Of Dreambox Hd Digital Satellite Receiver


Dreambox is manufactured by German company named Dream Multimedia and is associated with Linux powered set top box. This device has its derivation with DB0X2 which was selected by “Krich Media” for their paid services for TV. This company also offers other different models which are not linked with Linux. Generally the models of dreambox are having the similar design as was set up in DBoX2 and are categorized into three kinds which are Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable which includes Ethernet port integrated in it and also contains Power PC processor. These receivers have no particular hardware, but still support an Ethernet port and USB port with it for better results.

Let’s review the models of this device below.

Dreambox dm 500

Dreambox 500:

At the time of its launch in 2005 it was world smallest DTH and the most popular model that was commenced by Dream Multimedia. It runs on open source software which makes it easy to assemble information. Later on its production was stopped due the obvious reason that Chinese also started to manufacture fake products and was available in every market. So don’t be in deception that it is still available in original form. But if you see on an online shop then you must check the description twice for the reason that you don’t want to end up with a substandard quality that will never satisfy you.


Dreambox 800 HD:

This receiver is the first ever HD set-top-box introduced by Dream Multimedia and it has nonstop selections. It is the newest impression among the TV viewers in modern times, but during the first months of sales this equipment obtained bad reviews from its users and many customers claimed that the device stuck at some points and it gets overheated also and destroy all the fun. Then the company took quick steps towards the mistakes and set right all the errors. Now, the product is on top of the market once again.

dreambox-dm8000 hd

DM8000 HD:

This model is latest and the most popular product and its price is also very affordable with the countless features you have never seen before. Its name says everything it also works as HD DTH with the support of ultra quality MPEG4 video format. This box also contains a USB by which you can connect the hardware which is already supported with it. The best part of this device is that it has an Ethernet port using which will give you an access of internet even if you have no laptop or desktop with you. This device also plays all your favorite mp3 songs and opens up photos in JPEG format. People love it just because of its open source adaption which is really awesome. This enables for other open source related software for the paring with the device. On using this it becomes more probable to pair with the device and to view encrypted television over the internet. Dreambox is a must device that everyone must have in home or in the office to experience the outstanding visual and sound output.

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