Tuesday , 26 September 2017

Locations For The FIFA World Cup 2014

It seems like it was yesterday’s event when FIFA 2010 held in South Africa and now four years have passed with a blink of an eye and everyone is ready for FIFA world cup 2014. People all over the world questioning about then locations that where this is event is going to take place, so the host of the next football world cup will be held in Brazil this time. Every satellite is now facing towards the Brazil for the live coverage. Football lovers are looking for the Samba Brazilians to show a best performance than South Africa. The charm of Brazil is known to everyone in the entire world as it is popular for heavenly beaches, seductive women, samba dance and football.

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If you don’t know anything about the locations of FIFA world cup 2014 then you are at right place to know them first. Then location are chosen after a process of selection are Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and Sao Paulo. But some of the matches will be held in Belo Horizonte and Curitiba in the south and Cuiaba in Central Brazil and someother famous cities are also in the list as Salvador, Fortaleza and Recife and Recife. The height of excitement is for the obvious reason in everyone especially in Brazilians as the main focuses will not only on them for the football pressure but also on social and financial aspects which will give a complete benefit to them. People from across the globe have booked their tickets for Brazil and Brazilians themselves are exceedingly enthusiastic that they have saved their dates.


More than 12 cities are selected for the hosting games and ceremonies for FIFA world cup 2014 in Brazil. These include Brasilia, Manaus, Salvador de Bahia,Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and others. Brazil is the 5th country which hosted the championship for twice According to the latest news from FIFA’s desk, the total cost spent on this event is over one billion US dollars for stadium fixes, renovations, sitting arrangements and other arrangements to make it the history’s massive event. Brazil world cup packages are going to be expensive in this regard. Ten rates of trips will definitely be high in rates than earlier and all the hotels will be over booked when are acknowledge so if you are travelling to Brazil or living in Brazil you must do it before anyone else grab your room.

Get ready to yell and scream for this thrilling FIFA world cup 2014 and book your rooms accordingly. The fact we know about Brazil is that it the home of football this is the reason that expectations are quite high this time. Brazil has won the Under-17 cup; andtook the U-20 and also the champion of the CONCACAF nations’ cup for countless time. As this event is going to star in 12th June and will remain till 13th July, so are you ready for a vacation in Brazil for football, if yes then prepare yourself before time runs out.

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