Tuesday , 26 September 2017

How to Make a Body Lotion At Home

 Skin types are quite dissimilar from person to person depending on the atmosphere and the environment. The method of making a body lotion at home is quite simple and easy if you have all the ingredients available. People prefer homemade lotion to use for their skin especially women are very much conscious regarding their skin issues because it dictates the formulation of materials that a specific skin type wants. This is true that in the market there are tons of lotions available of every small to big brands which are mostly moisturizers to bring relief to the skin which is suffering from skin troubles for different reasons. One of the main reasons for preparation of homemade body lotion that is prepared from natural substances which are not harmful, but nourish and shine your skin in best possible way in all the seasons.

How to Make a Body Lotion At Home

For the act of making lotion you need not too many things, you only need to gather materials that have emulsifying colorant, wax, oil, water and a fragrance for the good sensation. In order to become a lotion expert you need to follow the easiest methods.


Method One:

First of all put a double burner into the range when it is heated then you have to mix your oils and water in the emulsifying wax and glycerin to create the best base for your lotion. The function and purpose of emulsifying wax is to keep water and oil separate for the best output for your skin and to avoid any other injuries.

Method Two:

Now come for the second step, add the fragrance oils or other essentials you have. The basic advantage of fragrant oils that it makes your body lotion scented and attracts your partner when you have applied on your skin. As it gives aromatherapy effects to your sense of smelling at the same time you will love yourself. Preserve a low heat setting until the wax is carefully melted, after this remove from heat and pour in Vitamin E.

Method Three:

Third step requires adding your coloring stuff; this can be availed from any laboratory or they can come from natural resources. This color is not harmful and once you have filled in a plastic or a glass jar it will give nice image too, you can get natural coloring agents such as mica, oxides and paprika. Get warm water or lukewarm water from the microwave oven and pour it into the oil stirring quickly now beat until the mixture is of uniform color.

Method Four:


After all this process your body lotion is ready to use but before you apply it on your skin you have to add into the mixture of essential oils and the grapefruit seed extract. Now get any empty bottle available in your home or you can purchase from the shop nearby your home. You can make tradition labels to paste on the bottles with your company name, logo and ingredients. The most used stabilizer to body lotion is glitter and other stabilizers for body lotions are SPF and tint.

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