Tuesday , 26 September 2017

Google Updates for 2014

We all use various search engines to look for any product but the importance of Google search engine is known to everyone today. Google updates for 2014 are now available. This search engine has exceeded all other search engines with the increase of users, trustworthiness and its efficiency in giving the best related search results. It also supports vast database of 60 trillion web pages with 1GB data has been indexed by the search engine up to now. In order to give full convenience the Google team is working hard in providing the services. It utilizes more than 200 ranking factors to search results in SERP to supply the relevant results to its users for an inquiry as a massive record.

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Updates for Panda and Penguin:

In 2011 at the time of first release of Google Panda, it changed to the search engines ranking to the algorithm and Google Penguin is the only secret code name for Google algorithm update which was declared in 2012. At normal intervals these two important updates were kept releasing and played a very important role in the ranking of a website in the search engines result pages. Being a user we constantly anticipate witnessing related results and finest quality websites on the top results of Google and this is the reason Google Panda update is focused on the things. It is intended to rank high quality websites at first pages and low ranked websites and the last pages, so that user can get the best links pertaining to their search.

A duplicate and copied contact is deal with severely by Google and it results in achieving a low level in the search engines results pages. Other than this update, due to the importance of its original content this is one of the major factors which influence the search engine outcome. The update released by Google always support high rank website due to its strong and reachable content. Some updates which are released are for artificial intelligence which is comprised on a more complicated and scalable way than previously feasible.

The main dissimilarity between the previous algorithms of Google is due to the affects of entire site more willingly than an exacting page or group. This update is considered as a key feature moving the ranking of websites in the result pages of search engines and it is owned and directed by Google in a very common method and is updated with intervals of time. On the other hand in order to keep hold of the top of the search engines results page then site should be optimized in an appropriate way according to the Panda updates or else the site may find it unattainable to obtain a position in the first page of Google.

If you want to know more about Google updates then you have to keep in touch by all the happening. All the updates are lays significance to conversational search and it also regard as good quality links as a most important aspect for enhanced search engine rankings.

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