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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Teams countries And Schedule

FIFA World Cup 2014

In sports world FIFA world cup Brazil is one of the greatest occasions which influence many people. This is also considered as major sporting competitionthat comes after every four years. There are a huge number of football fans in the world, football lovers watch their favorite players compete on field and observe new records. There is an international organization for football named Fédération Internationale de Football Association. In 1930 its first tournament was held with great crowd of people. The date of 20th edition of FIFA world cup is given i.e. 12th June 2014. Brazil will host for this game as it is selected for the second time this country has chosen for this act. Brazil is a winner of five times and this is the only team in the world to have qualified each time since its beginning.

South Africa Brazil 2014 Soccer WCup Emblem

As it is mentioned that this event comes after every four years, so next two events will be in 2018 and the other will be in 2022. In 2018 it will be held in Russia and in 2022 it will be held in Qatar. This tournament will be a continuous tournament for one month; this year it will be starting from 12th June to 13th July.

32 teams are allowed to play from all over the five continents and famous football leagues in Brazil. All the best teams will show their full enthusiasm against each other.

FIFA world cup 2014 will welcome the following 32 countries:

ALGERIA Switzerland Nigeria England
Cameroon Ghana Chile Belgium
Australia Costa Rica Russia Uruguay
Iran USA Russia Colombia
Ecuador Bosnia-Herzegovina France Italy
Greece Cote d’Ivoire Portugal Argentina
South Korea Mexico Netherlands Germany
Honduras Japan Croatia Spain and Brazil


These 32 teams are selected after numerous qualifying matches held in previous three years. This preliminary competition helps these teams to be stronger enough to play in the stadium. Then games during the final competition phase are held at different places under the hosting of nation.


It’s a known fact that every FIFA world cup owns its own original song or anthem. This game has set countless hit songs on every world cup like Ricky Martin’s “The Cup of Life” and Shakira’s “WakaWaka”. Therefore the football lovers and music lovers wants a masterpiece song.

This year world cup of FIFA football will have a different official song by none other than two most famous and most listened music artist Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez and this song will be also composed and will be sung by both of them. The song is titled “We Are One” (Ole Ola). You will also see the live performance by Brazilian performer Claudia Leitte along with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez on the stage to rock the audience on the starting of the show on 12th June at Sao Pualo. This video will be soon published on YouTube once it is released Sony which is the official partner of this track.

Days are not so far to begin this mega sport event of the year so make yourself prepare and save your dates to enjoy this with the world.

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