Tuesday , 26 September 2017

Effects of New Technology in Human Lives

The effect of new technology in human lives are playing a vital role and providing the maximum ease to perform our daily routine tasks. If we look around at our surrounding we find the cellular phones we use for communication with other people no matter in which region they are living, cars and other means of transport for travelling anywhere in the world, computers and internet which we consume with electricity are a great affected with the expansion in new technology. At the present time IT is a bit more multifaceted with cloud computing, data encryption and new technique of security.


IT was developed in 1940 and in 1950 for the purpose of better working of military and universities. Everyone is taking full advantage of form this and not only common users but also the programmers, software engineers, hardware engineers, network analysts and database managers are a part of them. The whole generations of kids are now growing with the knowledge of new devices because we have almost all the devices at home with this they are able to know how to utilize them. But to the older generation these technological devices are quite new. Science and technology are offering penetrates in our life times and generation of modern era will significantly impact the world in which we live.

On the other hand the new medical technology is also enhancing from scientific trials for pharmaceuticals to robotics for composite surgeries. It is also believed that the collaboration of technology and science will be able to cure HIV-AIDS, cancer, hepatitis and other deadly diseases. New technology is going to show the way to majority alternatives such as fuel vehicles, virtual reality conferences, and data-transmission at the speed of thought, space travel for civilians, reversal of global warming, an international network of private wireless electronics and a lot of other innovations to talk about. Most up-to-date research in computer science is highly unlimited to business, gadgets, medical, and space education and so on. But it will mean better health more awareness and more power also.

medical technology

Other than this new research also includes renewable energy and environment, electronics, space science, stem-cell investigations. All these inventions and developments are utterly endorsed the breathtaking inventions of new generation of computers and all the computer apps are acknowledge and utilized throughout the world. The production of new models of computers are being introduced in the market time by time ad people around the world are taking full advantage of the hard work of scientists and computer engineers.

As new technology is developing to assist the companies get an edge on their competition and are introducing more products to facilitate our lives. But it cannot be left without that the new technology has determined into cultures towards wealth, security, health, and well-being. We can avail them with the best affordable prices and can be a part of tech world. But with the growing population the competition is high as well so it will be difficult to choose one.

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