Tuesday , 26 September 2017

Digital Satellite Receiver HD Tiger 800 Enigma Sw

Tiger International Company was established in 2001 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan were it is specialized in Digital Satellite Receivers. Tiger is a trade mark name product dealing with commercial operations in the Satellite receivers’ world where Jordan was a thriving market for our business, after that we expanded our business to Dubai and many other countries: Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Libya, Qatar, Iran, South Africa, Cyprus, Brazil, and our latest grand opening was in Ukraine. Tiger International has a unique huge selection of receivers that conquer everyone’s need. Furthermore, we are eager to nurture and expand our product line through our well trained outstanding team. Tiger contracted with the leading and best manufacturers in the world especially in China, Korea and Taiwan to bring to our customers premier quality with high standards that was met with high success.


Refer :- tiger-sat.com

Digital satellite receiver Hd Tiger 800 enigma new updated software (SW) download here.The newest Techno-mate Digital satellite receiver Hd Tiger 800 enigma including twin satellite tuners with PVR functionality, report approximately 2 routes and watch 1. Digital satellite receiver Hd Tiger 800 enigma, Fully DBVB-S /DVB-S2 (H264) High-definition certified HDMI Computerized Video Supply Output .

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Digital Satellite Receiver HD Tiger 800 update sw here

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